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Pension And Wealth Management

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Retirement Savings

Make the best use of your expatriate advantage by saving efficiently for the future, using a combination of international and local tax-efficient solutions.

Pension Transfer

Pension freedom allows you to create better conditions for your accumulated retirement fund. Good advice is therefore essential to ensuring the optimum strategy for a secure and comfortable financial future.

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International Investment

Tax efficient international and local structures from leading financial institutions will ensure you get the best returns on your investment portfolio or bank deposit.

Your Advantage

Your Advantages with MW Expat Invest

Full-Stack And In-Depth

> Full financial planning services for expats
> Local German specialisation
> European and portable solutions

Your Advantages with MW Expat Invest

Independent & Holistic

> Decades of experience
> Free and independent broker
> Full transparency about the process

Your Advantages with MW Expat Invest

Free Advice

> Personal advice via video call
> Tailored to your needs
> We take time for you

What Our Clients Say

Proven Expert Review
I have had an incredible experience with Dabar Reimer. She is very well experienced and was able to provide solutions for multiple scenarios. I am very thank full to her and highly recommend having a discussion with Dabar before choosing your next insurance policy.
Grant F.
Grant F.
Proven Expert Review
They have been so patient and thorough with helping during every step. I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own!
Chew Teck S.
Chew Teck S.
Proven Expert Review
My agent, Anja Lampert is super friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Excellent service provided.
Proven Expert Review
The support I have received from Dabar was outstanding. She was always available to answer all my questions, and helped me out through the whole process. Thank you so much!
Proven Expert Review
I have appointed with Alex as the to-go person for all matters. Honestly he is providing the best service someone can get in Germany, solving problems literally in minutes! Highly recommend MW Expat Solution!
Proven Expert Review
It was a brilliant experience with MW expat. Right from filling up my details online, receiving a prompt call to book an appointment for detailed discussions of my needs to finally having a zoom call to talk to an advisor face to face was quick efficient, and re-assuring. I had the privilege to talk to Adriana Gonzalez, who was nothing short of brilliant. She was extremely composed, utterly professional, and very helpful.

How It Works

We really care about your personal situation. That’s why we take our time to understand your needs and to go through the whole process as clearly as possible. Our consulting process takes usually four steps. This allows us to find the best Wealth Management solution for you.

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A brief 30 minutes discussion to introduce MW Expat Invest and to get an overview of your requirements.

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Financial Check

We will go through your financial situation in depth to prepare a detailed recommendation tailored to your needs.

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We will guide you step by step through our recommendations which we will send you in advance.

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Sign & Benefit

Once you are happy, it’s time to sign and to benefit from out tax efficient Wealth Management solutions.

Our Team Of Experienced Advisors

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Matthias Wolf

Founder & Managing Director

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Paul Brown

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Adriana Gonzalez

Pensions Specialist

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Anja Lampert

Pensions Specialist

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Lance Tonge

Investement Specialist

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Warren Peacock

Investement Specialist

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Flavio Limpo

Investement Specialist

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Daniel Anunciacao

Investement Specialist

About Us

Expats for Expats

As expats ourselves and with decades of experience, we know the German expat market very well.
We are able to highlight and clarify the important areas of consideration when deciding how best to save for your future financial needs.

And most importantly, we have the licenses, products and experience to be able to clearly explain the available options and then deliver the appropriate solutions from both a local and international perspective, taking our clients by the hand through each stage of the advice process.


Happy Expat Clients

Specialized on expat needs for Wealth Management planning.



Multicultural team and consultation in English, Germany, Italian, Spanish and Hindu.



We have access to the whole market and a broad network of specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each expat situation is unique and requires a bespoke and individual approach to planning, using the best local and international solutions available. A good place to start is right here! Take a look through the FAQ’s below to find out whether the services we can offer at MW Invest are right for your needs.

The German state pension scheme (Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung) is the cornerstone of pension planning in Germany. With the increasing life expectancy and aging population, there’s a need to pay for this increasing number of pensioners. That’s why the German government is actively encouraging its inhabitants towards private pension planning by a system of mostly tax subsidised, insurance-based solutions:
• Multiple pension product solutions
• Significant tax and subsidy benefits
• Guaranteed return on investments available
• Large and secure providers
• All products regulated by the German authorities
• All advice covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance

Unfortunately, very few expats realise that they can also take advantage of these benefits whilst living and working in Germany.

Basically everyone. Whether you are an EU citizen, a US national or from outside of Europe, we are familiar with the challenges faced by expats of all nationalities and can offer a full financial planning service, looking at both local and international solutions as appropriate.
We mainly give advice in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Hindu.

The average stay in Germany for expats is 8.5 years, many stay longer or even permanently. As such, it is very important that your adviser has the licensing and knowledge to be able to advise on both local (German) solutions as well as international investments and products. We often speak with expats that were only advised on international solutions by their current adviser, resulting in many missed years of tax benefits from the German system that would have made a significant difference to the final outcome. At MW Invest we have a different approach.
What sets MW Expat Invest apart from most international advisers is that we have both German and international licensing. Our advisers therefore have the knowledge and experience to be able to clearly explain the merits of both local and internationals solutions, offering truly holistic financial advice for expats residing in Germany. Once the expat is made fully aware of the features and benefits of each option, we then walk them through the steps of setting up their own bespoke plan.

MW Invest will provide personalized guidance and full explanations on how the German fiscal system can work in your favour. Wherever you are paying taxes, it makes sense to fully understand what that tax system can do for you in return. Unfortunately, it is no easy task for the expat to find clear advice in Germany that encompasses both local and international solutions; this is where MW Invest can assist.
For example: an expat living in Germany earning 120,000 per year, married with a spouse, (+ other details as relevant) and looking to save EUR 1,000 each month for the future, would be eligible for at least EUR 350 every month in tax relief, were the money to be invested in a tax-efficient German retirement savings product. The average expat in Germany stays for more than eight years, so over this period this particular expat will enjoy a total tax saving of EUR 34,272. Compare this to saving the same amount from net (taxed) earnings and it is clear that the impact on the overall retirement plan is significant, especially when also taking into account compound growth on the accumulating capital.*
At MW Invest we especially understand the needs of the expat resident in Germany. The advice process factors in all important considerations such as household income, spouses and dependents, expected length of stay, possible future relocations, existing investments and appetite for risk, which enables us to provide a tailormade and tax-efficient solution for each and every client.
*The above figures showing taxation and benefit levels may vary depending on your personal situation and specific tax rates. For exact figures regarding your personal tax situation please contact your qualified German tax adviser.

When leaving Germany, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your investments and savings remain secure. First, you should consult with a financial advisor to determine the best way to transfer your investments and savings to your new home country. Additionally, you should research the local financial regulations and tax laws of your destination country to ensure your investments and savings are compliant. Lastly, it is important to keep up to date with the most recent economic and political changes in your destination country to ensure your investments and savings remain safe.

Tip: it is also important to consider the tax implications of your investments and savings. Depending on your residency status and the types of investments you own, you may be subject to taxes in Germany, the country you are leaving for, or both. It is important to consult a financial advisor or tax expert to ensure you are aware of all applicable taxes and to ensure you are compliant with all applicable laws. Additionally, you should consider any foreign exchange or currency conversion fees that may be applicable when transferring your funds or investments.

Our service fully continues once our expat client leaves Germany, whether this is to relocate to another place in the world or to return to their home country. Video calls for review meetings will continue to take place at the same frequency as when the expat was resident in Germany, and any changes, withdrawals or administrative matters can be easily handled online, wherever you are in the world.

The service support from international product providers is specifically geared towards globally-mobile clients and for local German solutions, we only work with large well-known financial institutions. All of this provides peace of mind knowing that your money remains safe, regulated and in good hands, wherever you move to in the future, with MW Invest always on hand to guide and support you every step of the way. Reach out to us for more information.

The initial meeting is always free of charge. Thereafter you will be fully informed of any charges relating to a product or fee before being presented with any actual costs. You adviser will make all possible fees clear at the initial consultation, no unpleasant surprises!

Contact us today for a free and confidential initial consultation. We can work with face to face meetings, although most client prefer using video calls (Zoom, Teams, etc.) for the initial discussion.